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The following protocol for booking with Me is the BARE MINIMUM for earning My time.

I book sessions at My Minneapolis dungeon, & travel as well. All real-time sessions require ID submission & vaccination card submission. All distance sessions require earned trust & built rapport - likely via a few NF calls.


1. Send one of the following tributes. No sessions or fetish interactions of any type shall occur til you've sent the initial tribute or long term application FIRST. The long term application is REQUIRED FOR SUBS APPLYING FOR LIFESTYLE SERVICE POSITIONS. After you've done that, I will respond as soon as I am able.

My website bills discreetly as "smsbat".

My website accepts card payments from all countries.

2. Once we've had a short initial chat or email exchange, you may schedule your session.

3. Remember:

Do not ask for same day real time unless you have considerable funds to make it worth My while. If you request same day sessions & you haven't served Me in the past//we have good rapport, you will be ignored. Make sure you paid attention to My likes & limits, & don't ask for or expect anything I don't like.


I am a busy Goddess. Plan ahead & Schedule appropriately.

4. If you have questions about anything that follows, I would be happy to answer them for you AFTER you've sent your initial tribute & answered out the basic introductory questions I ask of you. 

Have you submitted one of the above forms? Click below to move forward.

Questions? Did you read every word on every page of My site? Are you sure?

If so, & if you still have a question, you may send Me an email.

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