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  Are you aware that your only worth as a man & a slave is in your wallet?
  Your money looks so much better in My hands, on My body, in My bank account, after all.

  Seeing a hot rich Goddess like Myself get richer & more powerful is your role in this world!

Financial Domination is a subset of Money Fetish where the submissive gives sums of money to their Domme expecting nothing, or very little, in exchange.


In a capitalist society, money = power. & I get more powerful every day, when good pay pigs, simps, human wallets & human ATMs like you willingly give up their "power" ((money)) to Me. 

I have expensive tastes & you're here to fund them. Luxurious bespoke lingerie & fashion, rare vintage furs, an unrivaled shoe collection, a beautiful turn of the century craftsman home, antique furniture & crystal glassware, delicious fine dining, vacations to stunning destinations, a body adorned with beautiful tattoos & dripping with jewels, literally everything I want with the snap of My fingers. I desire, & you provide. You give, & I take. You bankroll, & I laugh the whole way to the bank.

Nothing is sexier than a glamorous, spoiled Goddess like Myself getting richer & becoming even more powerful. Nothing turns Me on more than a selfless slave giving up it's power to Me.

Now be an obedient slave, & SEND.

Cash Meet: 

  • $500+ minimum:

  • $100 deposit & $400+ upon meeting

  • I will meet you at an ATM, a bank, a cafe, a park, or My dungeon

  • 0-15min

  • Can include a short chat or public humiliation, boot worship, spit, ballbusting, & some forms of impact

Financial Domination real-time sessions:

  • $1000+/1 hour

  • $2000+/2 hours

  • Can include any shared fetishes we align on

  • Expect to be taunted, teased, denied, & possibly tied up/ignored, have Me take your credit card & go shopping while I leave you there, etc. Details can be ironed out via email.


"Vanilla" meetings of any sort incl shopping, dinner:

  • $150/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • $150 deposit

  • In addition to the compensation for My time, you pay for My shopping//beverage//meal//everything else

  • If you are taking Me shopping, I expect a minimum budget of $300/hr

  • You carry My bags

  • Can include a short chat or public humiliation, boot worship, spit, ballbusting, & some forms of impact

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