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Nice to meet you prospective slave. Here's a little bit about Me.

I’m a sex-positive feminist & I don’t suffer fools or rude assholes well.. I'm married, & I'm poly/pansexual.

My petite, tattooed body houses immense power, & My ability to control you comes naturally. I take special thrill in kink & kinky play, Goddess worship & bossy domestic servitude, held to My high standards.


I love to push My subs to improve themselves & their skills as they become more & more useful to Me. I consider Myself a strict, sadistic, rather traditional Dominatrix -- I view hierarchy as crucial & imperative, & have high expectations of My betas, subs & slaves. I also enjoy letting My mind-fucking side out when it's time for punishment. Having said that, I still prefer a well-behaved, well-trained submissive to having to exhibit discipline & punishment, & do not care for overly bratty or needy subs. I especially prefer a locked slave, as I think only locked slaves truly understand submission to Me.


I am a Minneapolis  based dominatrix, though I do travel as well. At home in the Twin Cities, I have a fully equipped discreet Uptown Minneapolis worship & play space. My private dungeon is in a commercial space & not for public use or rental, though I do let some of My Domme friends use it when it's available.

I’m a fancy goth Goddess. I enjoy living a lavish lifestyle, having curated hair, nails, shoes, & clothes. I enjoy My beautiful sparkling clean home & gardens. I enjoy traveling regularly, on average a week per month, to both new & familiar beautiful destinations. I enjoy eating delicious, beautiful foods & sharing meals with people whose company I enjoy. I enjoy taking care of Myself & working out regularly. I enjoy learning & reading nightly, & sometimes writing as well. I enjoy going to fetish events & parties, sometimes with My best subs in tow.

I enjoy living My absolute best life, thanks to the good subs who make it happen for Me, & in turn are able to be part of it.

I also volunteer with a local reproductive-justice focused non-profit, foster/rescue animals, do moderate-scale urban farming, keep bees, & own a vegan chocolate truffle business.

I am accepting submissives & slaves on a case by case basis, serious inquiries WITH TRIBUTE ATTACHED are only considered. 

I want a harem of worshippers at My perfect feet. Give Goddess everything. 

Treat Me with respect to earn My time. 

Birthday: August 14 
Height: 5'1"

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ-A
Shoe size: US6-6.5/EU36-37

Bra size: 30G

Waist: 24"

Booty: 35.5"

Corset size: 20"

Glove size: 6.5 or S

Diet: Plant-based, aside from honey
I do not smoke & do not drink

Tattoos: At least 1

Pairs of shoes owned: 100+, but I have room for more 😉

Pets: 4 cats

Houseplants: ∞

Color: Black, closely followed by purple, green & red

Word: Debauchery
Beverage: Sparkling water, herbal tea

Foods: Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian, & homemade
Season: Summer, I hate being cold
Places to travel to: Tropical places such as Puerto Rico & Hawaii, as well as San Luis Obispo, NYC, LA, New Orleans, London, & places with beautiful scenery to explore, lounge in, & hike around, & of course I'm always looking to explore new places for the first time - as long as it's not cold when I visit

Music: Skramz/weird/noisy

Genres of books/movies: Sci-fi, non-fiction natural sciences

Politics: Far left
Religion: No thank you

Do I wanna debate religion or politics: Only for double My rates

Favorite types of sessions:

I enjoy many types of sessions, but here are some I really like! 

Foot & boot worship before/after trampling & ballbusting sessions;

needle, scalpel & knifeplay sessions;

intense bondage & abandonment sessions;

beatdown & heavy corporal punishment sessions;

relaxing sessions where you massage My feet & we just chat;

invasive medical sessions,

girly feminization makeover sessions;

sessions where you deep clean My dungeon & I relax;

shopping & dinner sessions;

& sessions where I overstimulate you in many different ways just to test your limits

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