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If you wish to serve Me, I have high expectations.  These things apply to submissives & slaves who desire true submission & a dedicated D/s relationship, however session submissives & fetishists should take note as well.

•You will be patient. I am a busy Goddess, & you will not always be My priority. Learn to wait. Act with restraint. If you want My attention, or to be valued more than the ground beneath My feet, you will have to learn to impress Me. 

•I expect tributes regularly, consistently, & ideally without having to ask for them. Amazon giftcards, wishlist items, & tributes are just that - a gift from you to Me. Expect nothing in exchange. Unless you are specifically purchasing Goddess session time or content from one of My content sites, every cent of money you hand to Me is a way of showing your appreciation for My existence. My pleasure is your purpose.

•If you are serving Me long term, I expect you to remain loyal to Me. You serve Me only. You work for Me only. You spend on Me only. You cum for Me only. I own your cock. I own your mind. I own your wallet. I control you. I am the object of your devotion. I am your reason for waking in the morning, motivation for working during the day, inspiration for edging all evening & dreaming at night.

I expect you to act responsibly. I could have an army of broke fuckboys at My feet for free if I wanted, but why would I want a bunch of broke losers? I don’t want sex slaves. That would mean nothing to Me. I expect tributes for My Goddess time. I want slaves that are truly willing to make sacrifices to make My life ethereal. I expect My worshipers, slaves & submissives to budget their money wisely so they can spend appropriately on Me, their Goddess, without compromising their own financial security. You’re no good to Me if you blow your financial load in 3 months & then are destitute.

You will be respectful to ALL femmes. You will treat Me with the UTMOST respect. You will not degrade any other femme or ask me to do so either. Homewrecking is generally off limits. You will learn your fucking place. My Partner is not My alpha but just that, My Partner. However, My Partner is still your Alpha. I will also not feminize you & then degrade you for it. If you are seeking feminization degradation, seek it elsewhere. Feminizing yourself is a PRIVILEGE. Femmes are above beta males, & you will earn the right to feminize yourself.

You will always be honest, direct, & forthright. You will pay promptly for any content or sessions, without fuss. If you can’t afford My time, don’t ask for it or take it. You will never lie about your finances, work, sex life or family life. Your total transparency is true submission to Me. You will answer all questions without hesitation. You will not deceive Me.

Don’t ever forget, you serve Me, not the other way around. You will learn to truly be submissive. Don’t try to top me from the bottom. Unless I ask you for a fantasy, don’t tell Me yours. Don’t say “I want You to do blah blah blah” to Me EVER. I am your fucking Goddess. I am in control. We will go at whatever pace I choose, & what we do while in session will be up to Me. You will have to EARN many things from Me. 

Do not expect sessions at the drop of a hat. Especially if you've never had a session with Me before! Who are you to demand a session the same day or even week when I have no idea who you are? You will have to earn the privilege of real time through by following My simple, clearly laid out protocols on this site. I do NOT make exceptions. You will be patient. You will learn to truly become selfless & serve a true Goddess. If you cannot prove you have the willingness & resources to serve Me in a real time session, you will be passed over in favor of someone more worth My time.


If & when you are truly ready for devoted real time service, a collaring session may be earned.

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