tributing + gifting

Your money belongs in My perfect hands & at My perfect feet. It's always been Mine.

Tribute//Payment Options I Accept*:

Check My "sessions" page for certain servitude online applications & Goddess Time payments.

*DO NOT send me a message saying you can’t tribute any of these ways. My website accepts credit & debit card payments from around the world. Worldwide! If you can’t spend 3 minutes figuring out how to sign up for & use one of these methods, you can promptly fuck off. Telling Me you can’t tribute via My accepted methods results in an instant block. You don’t wanna pay fees? Well neither do I. Buck up beta loser.

**Amazon GC is NEVER accepted as payment for Goddess session time. You are welcome to GIFT//TRIBUTE Me an Amazon GC, at whatever amount you feel like, but do not expect anything in return for it.

You may also tribute on content sites! Remember though, these tributes are just that, tributes, & are not acceptable as a payment in exchange for Goddess session time.

Gifting Goddess:

I like to be spoiled. So spoil Me. Hardly anything you could do would make Me happier than surprise gifts & beta-funded air travel. My amazon wishlist should always be viewed in a browser + desktop mode to see the categories. All giftcards should be sent to