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likes + limits


  Respectful - Responsible - Reliable - Honest - Direct - Forthright - Righteous - Selfless - Obedient - Quick to learn - Patient - Thorough - Adaptable

  Irresponsibility - Disrespectful manners - Inability to obey orders - Half-assedness - Slovenly upkeep of self/home - Selfish - Lying - Empty wallets

Age ((unless under 21)), gender, sexuality do not matter to Me.

  Mold yourself to My ideal.



​                  ((My favorites have been bolded))

  • Anal Play Instruction//Training

  • Body Worship
    //Ass Worship
    //Armpit Worship - non intimate!!

  • Breath Play //Smothering

  • CBT

  • CEI

  • Chastity

  • Corporal Punishment
    //Impact Play

  • Cuckolding

  • Domestic Servitude
    //Beta or Sissy Maid Training

  • Edging//Orgasm Control//Orgasm Denial - emphasis on DENIAL

  • Electroplay​

  • Errand Servants

  • Expense Servants
    ((E-mailed Receipts to Reimburse My Bills))

  • Financial Domination

  • Fitness//Sweat Fetish

  • Foot Domination
    //Foot Fetish

    ((Barefoot Worship//Foot Gagging//High Heel, Boot & Shoe Worship//Nylon, Sock & Stocking Fetish//Trampling))

  • Goddess Worship

  • Guided Bi//Queer Fantasy

  • Guided Feminization

  • Human Furniture

  • Humiliation
    //Verbal Abuse

  • Ignore//Abandonment Fetish

  • Latex
    //Shiny fetish
    //Spandex Fetish

  • Lingerie Fetish + Worship
    //Luxury Fetish

  • Medical Fetish

  • Public: Ballbusting//Humiliation//Servitude

  • Receipt Servants
    ((E-mailed Receipts to Reimburse My Shopping))

  • Restraints
    //Gag Play

  • Scratching
    //Hair Pulling
    //rough handling

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Shibari/kinbaku
    //Rope Bondage

  • Small Penis Humiliation

  • Spit Fetish

  • Strap-On Worship

  • Tease & Denial

  • Wax Play


  • Addressing Me as anything other than Miss Bat or Goddess. DO NOT ADDRESS ME AS "MISTRESS". Don't call Me babe, don't tell Me I'm so sexy/hot/whatever. I know I'm hot. Be more creative with your compliments & address Me properly.

  • Begging for play by plays of a session you're booking. I work hard to plan sessions, & don't plan on ruining My fun by spilling the beans to you. Pay & show up & see what I have in store for you.

  • Free play. You will always tribute & compensate Me for My time.

  • Cigarette smoking. Do not ask Me to use you as an ashtray. Additionally, if you smoke, properly bathe, brush your teeth & wash your hands before being in My presence.

  • Bringing non-consenting individuals into kink play during tasks, public scenes, or in your daily life.

  • Racial or homophobic slurs.

  • Blackmail. Period. If I make blackmail fantasy video content, that's as close as you'll ever get. I have no desire to expose or extort you. Serve Me because I am a Goddess, not because I am blackmailing you.

  • Anything involving nonconsent.

  • Illegal activities.

  • Raceplay. Don’t even ask.

  • Ageplay, regressionplay, adult baby, or anything involving minors. EVER.

  • Foot-to-mouth ((My feet in My mouth)). That's your role.

  • Incestplay. Additionally do not EVER call me mom, mama, mommy, or ANY variation. EVER.

  • Religious humiliation - I will occasionally make Catholic or Christian humiliation VIDEO CONTENT but generally will not humiliate you for it directly. Either I am your Goddess or it doesn’t get brought up.

  • Scat, full toilet, diapers, vomit, mucus, etc. 

  • Gunplay. 

  • Demanding or expecting nudity. 

  • TOUCHING ME EVER, without express permission or order from me.

  • SEX WITH ME EVER, keep dreaming loser.

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