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likes + limits


  Respectful - Responsible - Reliable - Honest - Direct - Forthright - Righteous - Selfless - Obedient - Quick to learn - Patient - Thorough - Adaptable

  Irresponsibility - Disrespectful manners - Inability to obey orders - Half-assedness - Slovenly upkeep of self/home - Selfishness - Lying - Empty wallets

Age ((unless under 21)), gender, sexuality do not matter to Me.

  Mold yourself to My ideal.



​                  ((My favorites have been bolded))

  • Anal Play Instruction//Training

  • Body Worship
    //Ass Worship
    //Armpit Worship - non intimate!!

  • Bondage//Restraints//Harness//Gag Play

  • Breath Play //Smothering

  • CBT

  • CEI

  • Chastity

  • Corporal Punishment
    //Impact Play

  • Cuckolding

  • Domestic Servitude
    //Beta or Sissy Maid Training

  • Edging//Orgasm Control//Orgasm Denial - emphasis on DENIAL

  • Electroplay​

  • Errand Servants

  • Expense Servants
    ((E-mailed Receipts to Reimburse My Bills))

  • Financial Domination

  • Fitness//Sweat Fetish

  • Foot Domination
    //Foot Fetish

    ((Barefoot Worship//Foot Gagging//High Heel, Boot & Shoe Worship//Nylon, Sock & Stocking Fetish//Trampling))

  • Goddess Worship

  • Guided Bi//Queer Exploration

  • Guided Feminization

  • Human Furniture

  • Humiliation
    //Verbal Abuse

  • Ignore//Abandonment Fetish

  • Latex
    //Shiny fetish
    //Spandex Fetish

  • Lingerie Fetish + Worship
    //Luxury Fetish

  • Medical Fetish

  • Public: Ballbusting//Humiliation//Servitude

  • Receipt Servants
    ((E-mailed Receipts to Reimburse My Shopping))

  • Rough handling//Scratching
    //Hair Pulling

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Shibari/kinbaku
    //Rope Bondage

  • Small Penis Humiliation

  • Spit Fetish

  • Strap-On Worship

  • Tease & Denial

  • Wax Play


  • Addressing Me as anything other than Miss Bat or Goddess. DO NOT ADDRESS ME AS "MISTRESS". Don't call Me babe, don't tell Me I'm so sexy/hot/whatever. I know I'm hot. Be more creative with your compliments & address Me properly.

  • Begging for play by plays of a session you're booking. I work hard to plan sessions, & don't plan on ruining My fun by spilling the beans to you. Pay & show up & see what I have in store for you.

  • Free play. You will always tribute & compensate Me for My time.

  • Cigarette smoking. Do not ask Me to use you as an ashtray. Additionally, if you smoke, properly bathe, brush your teeth & wash your hands before being in My presence.

  • Bringing non-consenting individuals into kink play during tasks, public scenes, or in your daily life.

  • Racial or bigoted slurs.

  • Blackmail. Period. If I make blackmail fantasy video content, that's as close as you'll ever get. I have no desire to expose or extort you. Serve Me because I am a Goddess, not because I am blackmailing you.

  • Anything involving nonconsent.

  • Illegal activities.

  • Raceplay. Don’t even ask.

  • Ageplay, regressionplay, adult baby, or anything involving minors. EVER.

  • Don't ask for content of me sucking on my own toes.

  • Incestplay. Additionally do not EVER call me mom, mama, mommy, or ANY variation. EVER.

  • Religious humiliation - I will occasionally make Catholic or Christian humiliation VIDEO CONTENT but generally will not humiliate you for it directly. Either I am your Goddess or it doesn’t get brought up.

  • Scat, full toilet, diapers, vomit, mucus, etc. 

  • Gunplay. 

  • Demanding or expecting nudity. 

  • TOUCHING ME EVER, without express permission or order from me.

  • SEX WITH ME EVER, keep dreaming loser.

i am a sadist:
  At My core what makes Me tick is watching you jump, squirm, whimper & suffer. I want to see every type of reaction you will make to every sensation I give you. I like marking you with bruises & cuts, & watching you bleed, quite literally. 

  But I am also a hedonist & clearly enjoy many fetishes. I am not opposed to softer or gentler types of sessions as well. Sometimes, if I am having a low energy day, I may prefer a softer sesssion.
  Just be aware that if you really want to see Me in My element, My happy place, you will likely need to suffer at My hands for at least a part of the session. I very much enjoy finding the spot where it is *almost* too much for you to bear, then playing there. Dancing upon the precipice, if you will.

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