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Does lifestyle submission pique your interest?

Have you long fantasized about being an owned, collared slave?

Lifestyle submission is an earned place. It is gained by proving yourself as a capable, competent submissive through service & sacrifice. There is a common, wishful-thinking misconception that lifestyle subs do not pay Dominatrices or have any sort of financial sacrifice on their part. This is wrong. If you want to serve Me as My dedicated slave, you should be prepared to go above & beyond not only with the time you dedicate to Me, but also how much you are willing to tangibly sacrifice for Me. 

Things lifestyle subs do rather than/in addition to paying for sessions at the dungeon:

  • Household/gardening chores

  • Cat boxes

  • Pay My dungeon rent

  • Pay My house rent

  • Pay My other bills

  • Pay for My dates

  • Gift Me investment money

  • Fill My gas tank

  • Buy My groceries

  • Treat Me to meals

  • Pay for My house cleaner/massage therapist

  • Pay for My shopping & travel

  • Reimburse My purchases of all kinds

  • Assist Me with My daily life such as running errands, cooking, etc

  • Assist Me with filming, editing, uploading, advertising, etc


This is by no means an exhaustive list.


& in exchange they get to spend time with Me outside of the dungeon as well as in it, film with Me provided they are comfortable doing so, join Me for fetish events & fetish convention travel, etc.

Lifestyle subs are subs who truly want to serve Me. Who want to prove their love & devotion to Me & My life by sacrificing what they can, within reason, to making My life truly more ethereal. Who want to know what it feels like to partake in a true D/s relationship, & to join My BDSM family. 

This is not a position for those who are weak-willed, wishy-washy, non-committal, self-important, selfish, needy, unrealistic or immature. This is a position for subs who are selfless & willing to give up control, & sacrifice much more.

This doesn't have to break your bank. I just expect you to do what you can for Me without risking your own financial security - out of the desire to serve Me & ensure My wants & needs are met, not the desire have your own selfish, horny needs met.

I ask you book Me for some vanilla time to begin so we may get to know one another, or start by offering yourself up for a service session where you do chores for Me. You should also make sure you're following both My IG & twitter so you can keep up with My daily going-ons & start showing your devotion to Me by offering to help with whatever I have going on, or offering to reimburse things I post.

If you have a willingness to go above & beyond for Me, to hold Me in the highest regard as your one Goddess, to open yourself up to Me fully, to place all your trust in Me, & to work together for an amazing life of Dominance, submission & service, you are the type of submissive I adore most, the type I love dearly, the type that become very precious to Me.

I can't wait to make you Mine.

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