real time sessions

If you can follow the rules, you can earn real time with a real Goddess.

I practice RACK BDSM sessions in a private, fully equipped south Minneapolis worship space, or at one of two dungeons in Manhattan. After you've filled out your basic intake, await My email response to schedule your consultation ((in Minneapolis)) or session ((in NYC)).

I vet My real time submissives carefully.


I expect a respectful approach. I reserve the right to walk away from any beta who disrespects Me or any establishment in any manner, without refund, so be on your best behavior.


In Minneapolis:
Once you've filled out your intake & sent along your 50% deposit, generally we will meet for a cash meet or vanilla coffee/lunch consultation before any real time session. This gives us a discreet, safe public space to discuss what serving Me might be like, & for Me to ask you questions & you to do the same in kind. Go above & beyond & bring extra tribute to take Me shopping at My favorite bondage gear shop afterwards! The way to My heart is obedience, sacrifice, cash & latex, after all. If I am available, we can go straight to My dungeon after this meeting, or schedule for a later date if I am not.


If you've followed protocol correctly, you are able to book a session with Me as soon as the following day. Rather than requiring an extra layer of vetting as I do in Minneapolis, I will require you pay the dungeon fees UP FRONT in addition to your deposit, for whichever of the two beautiful dungeons I session out of. This is a standard $80/hr. This is so when I book the dungeon for Our session, if you cancel I do not owe the dungeon anything due to your cancelling. I ask you pay Me for the session separately after we are in the private dungeon room.



Officially schedule a Cash Meet//any form of Real Time

  • You are required to send in the "initial tribute" or "long term submission" application first

  • 50% deposit, non-refundable, is required to book a session

  • I understand life happens, but last minute cancellations = no refund. I am happy to reschedule you ONCE with at least 36 hours notice, & you better have a good reason

Cash Meet

  • $200+ minimum:

  • $100 deposit & $100+ upon meeting((10 min max, can include public humiliation, boot worship, spit, ballbusting, & some forms of impact))

Pre-Session Consultation/Vanilla meetings of any sort incl shopping, dinner:

  • $150+ minimum/hr

  • $75 deposit & $75+ upon meeting, + you buy My beverage//meal//everything else. Get to know Me & have a chat before booking your session

  • Required in Minneapolis

Real Time in Minneapolis or NYC

  • 50% of total time requested due as deposit at booking time

  • $300+/hour

  • $1600+/8 hrs, for long sessions

  • $80/hr dungeon fee in NYC - non-negotiable

  • "BUT GODDESS I MUST SEE YOU TODAY" $500 deposit, $1500+ upon meeting -- I only take last minute bookings worth My time

For Traveling Sessions ((not in MPLS or NYC)):

  • 50% of total time requested due as deposit at booking time

  • $300+/hour

  • I may request you cover certain dungeon rental or hotel fees

  • email to discuss "fly Me to you"

DOUBLE DOMME sessions are available with select fellow FemDom Goddesses. These are My rates for Double Domme sessions:

  • 50% of total time requested due as deposit at booking time

  • $250/1st hour

  • $200/each additional hour

Photoshoots & Video Shoots ((must have references)):​

  • $100+/hr


My website bills discreetly as "smsbat".